Sovereignty Council VP Addresses More than 7,000 Young Men and Women in Khartoum

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Khartoum – February 11, 2022 AD — Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, Vice-President of the Sovereign Council, praised the efforts of the youth of Sudan and their ability to create a better future for Sudan, praising at the same time the sacrifices of the wounded and martyrs of the revolution among the military and civilians, to achieve the slogans of the revolution in freedom, peace, and justice, and his sovereignty had mercy on the souls of the martyrs who gave Their lives are sacrificed for this country.

The Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council announced, when addressing the inauguration of the work of the Hands of Good organization, and contributed to sustainable development, in the presence of more than 7,000 young Sudanese university students and the presence of a large number of businessmen. He pointed out that the first group completed treatment in the Kingdom of Jordan and returned to the homeland, and arrangements are now being made for the second group to leave.

His Excellency saluted the efforts and stances of Sudanese businessmen and their venerable contributions to charitable works and support for all national projects, totaling more than 11 million dollars.

He stressed the need to direct these sums to the maintenance work of boarding houses and dormitories and the care of needy students and indicated that he assigned several experts to prepare a comprehensive study on the conditions of students and boarding schools in all states of Sudan, noting that the information provided by the study revealed the tragic conditions experienced by students inside universities, In addition to a deterioration in services in the interior and other problems that the two organizations will work on addressing, and then moving towards major projects related to repairing and paving roads to connect all cities and rural areas of Sudan, especially places of production. production.

Dagalo stressed that Sudan enjoys huge bounties and resources such as petroleum, gold, gum Arabic, and other products, which should be included in the economic cycle through the Central Bank of Sudan, and stressed the importance of Sudan benefiting from its resources by providing hard currency or stopping it until a vision or national project is developed or A road map that outlines the future of the country and identifies the priorities that will put Sudan on the right track.

Pointing out that the era of talk should go forever and everyone should move towards action and implement a comprehensive national project that achieves the renaissance of the country. He made it clear that Sudan is rich in its resources and that the problem lies with the Sudanese themselves who do not put the nation’s interest in the foreground, and stressed that the way out is to love this country and have loyalty to Sudan as a first and foremost concern, calling for the importance of rejecting all forms of regionalism and racism that made Sudan this status. It obstructs the national accord and the unity of the Sudanese. Without an agreement, he added, we will not be able to move forward.

His Excellency pledged to work in the coming days to combat all forms of smuggling by activating all deterrent laws that prevent wasting the country’s resources, noting that the law will affect everyone who is proven to be involved in smuggling Sudan’s resources, even if this person is Hamidati himself, as some say, and pointed to this work. 

It will be in accordance with the law and guard Sudan’s borders against the leakage of its resources, pointing out that the decline in dollar prices is linked to stopping smuggling and fighting Sudan’s enemies of smugglers, and noting that he will sit in the coming days with the businessmen segment to solve all their problems and provide the appropriate environment that helps them work and double production for the benefit of Sudan.

He also stressed that Sudan’s exit from the economic crisis is not far away if the Sudanese unite and put their hands in the hands of each other, and pointed to the large number of young people who attended today, not the end of the day, but there are other groups ready to work, and he continued by saying, “We are not sleeping, we are working.”

To that, the President of the Employers Association donated 5 trillion pounds, equivalent to 10 million dollars, Sultan Ahmed Hussein Ayoub Ali Dinar donated 100 thousand dollars, and businessman Aladdin gave 100 thousand dollars and took care of all students who are unable to pay tuition fees, and Bawadi Company donated Al Daein Production was owned by the businessman “Gaddafi” with half a million seedlings of the Hashab tree and Muawiya Al-Barer with 100,000 banana seedlings, and businessman Nizar with $50,000, while the defense industries system sponsored 7,000 young people and hired them within the system in cooperation with the two organizations.

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