The RSF Confirms its Interest in Human Rights Issues

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Khartoum, February 13, 2022 (SUNA)  Major General Othman Hamid, Director of Operations Department of the Rapid Support Forces, affirmed their interest in human rights issues and their serious efforts to develop and strengthen the Child Protection and Human Rights Unit with rapid support, calling for expanding the circle of participation in the field of human rights awareness to include all actors who have Relationship with human rights from the prosecution and the judiciary to achieve the spirit of the law.

Addressing today the training workshop on international human rights law organized by the National Commission for Human Rights in cooperation with the Human Rights and Child Protection Unit of the Rapid Support Forces and the Arab Organization for Human Rights at the Salam Rotana Hotel, he pointed out the importance of building trust between the components of human rights players and actors, pointing to the Confidence is not built without the application of the principles of justice by everyone, each of the following, thanking everyone who participated in the workshop, hoping that the workshop would achieve its objectives.

For his part, the head of the Arab Organization for Human Rights, Mr. Alaa Sayed Kamel Shalaby, stressed the strength of the relationship between the Arab Organization for Human Rights and the Commission for Human Rights in Sudan, indicating their willingness to provide support and contribute to raising awareness of human rights.

Dr. said. Refaat Mirghani Abbas, head of the National Human Rights Commission, said that the workshop comes as part of a continuous integrated training program targeting several government institutions and civil society organizations, explaining that one of the tasks of the Human Rights Commission is to promote rights, spread awareness of rights in society and build capacity, especially in the presence of mistrust between actors and the public.

He called on international human rights organizations not to interfere in internal affairs, and to limit their role to providing support to the National Commission in the field of capacity-building and assisting it in carrying out its mission.

He pointed out that the Commission receives citizens’ complaints and works to address and protect them with the judicial authorities, pointing out that they do not agree to the existence of a discount to the National Commission.

The workshop participants listened to several lectures, the first on the concept of human rights, and the second on the right to health.

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