Don’t Believe Everything You Hear!

Mohammed Saad Kamel

Abu Dhabi police arrested a man who was cleaning his new vehicle when he was surprised that his 2-years old son took a nail and started scratching the side of the vehicle.

The father was very angry and started hitting the hand of his son with a hammer.

It was too late when the father recognized that, so he took his son to the clinic in Riyadh where the son lost one of his fingers.

When the son saw his father he asked him “when will my figure grow again?”

The father was shocked and went out to his vehicle and hit it repeatedly.

Then he sat in front of it screaming regretting what happened to his son, then he looked at the scratch in the car and read “I love you dad”.

The next day the father did not endure the pangs of remorse and committed suicide.

Let us go back to the story with concentration:

  • Is there anybody cleaning the vehicle?
  • What is the relation between the hammer and the subject?
  • The son is only 2 years old, how can he write “I love you dad”?
  • Can the son speak and say “When will my finger grow”?
  • What is the relation between Abu Dhabi police and Riyadh?
  • How did the police arrest a man while he was already dead?

This is how all the political, religious, and ideological events are edited, so we are driven by emotions and leave our understanding without in-depth thinking. This is how our minds and thinking are stolen unconsciously.

The lesson to learn from the story is:

“Don’t believe everything you hear. There are always three sides to a story, yours, theirs, and the truth.

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