Economic Committee Headed by Dagalo Issues 16 Decisions to Reform the Economic Situation

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Khartoum 03/06/2022 – The Higher Committee for Economic Emergencies, headed by Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, Vice-President of the Sovereign Council, and in the presence of the committee members including ministers, the governor of Khartoum, directors of the Central Bank of Sudan, customs, the tax office, and representatives of the statutory bodies, issued a series of decisions aimed at strengthening the national economy and its protections:

  1. Unification of the exchange rate.
  2. Securing the flow of petroleum materials, especially furnace and gas, to ensure the flow of electrical supply.
  3. Facilitating the procedures for providing the needs of the holy month of Ramadan
  4. Establishing a special economic court to try the saboteurs of the national economy, especially those working in the fields of tax evasion, dollar manipulation, gold, and commodity smuggling.
  5. Setting an encouraging indicative price for wheat.
  6. The visit of the Supreme Committee to Port Sudan to address all problems of the port’s work.
  7. Activating the mechanism of drug abundance
  8. Prohibition of importation except through the import form IM
  9. Activating the joint force to combat smuggling.
  10. Reviewing the publication of the Bank of Sudan regarding the proceeds of the export
  11. Speeding up the implementation of the Single Window System to facilitate incoming, outgoing, and investment operations
  12. Complete the establishment of the gold exchange.
  13. Activating the trade agreement between Sudan and Egypt
  14. Reviewing the performance of ministries through specialized expert houses
  15. Involving the Employers’ Union, chambers, and commerce in the committee’s work to benefit from their expertise and experience.
  16. Review the fees on the gram of gold
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