Gold’s Position in the Bank of Sudan is Reassuring to a Large Extent; with Large Reserves

Controlling All Gold Mines and Companies Operating in the Country

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Khartoum – 03/06/2022 — Lieutenant-General Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo, Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council and Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Economic Emergencies, announced the arrest of more than 40 senior illegal gold smugglers and dollar dealers, and that the real financiers had been arrested for speculating in gold and dollars. 

Explaining that the issue was limited to franchising companies and waste to conduct comprehensive business transactions, companies to import into the economic economy, and said: “We don’t anyone to smuggle even a gram out, and if anyone wants to import, we will provide him with currency for import and determine the goods we want to import” Announcing the imposition of control over all gold mines and companies operating in the country, monitoring of all crossings and intensifying the work of the joint forces, he added: Our eyes will be open to monitoring our national economy.

In statements after the committee’s first meeting in the Republican Palace, Dagalo said that the authorities had arrested 260 camels smuggled outside the country during the past two days, and directed the activation of the joint forces to besiege smuggling and raise export proceeds. Dagalo stated that they do not have a Moses stick to bring down the price of the US dollar against the Sudanese pound between today and tomorrow, pointing to the development of new policies and decisions that are being implemented now to limit the rise of the dollar against the national currency, and considered the rise in dollar prices as delusional as a result of speculation in the currency market.

The Chairman of the Supreme Committee stressed that the position of gold in the Bank of Sudan is reassured to a large extent by the presence of large reserves. His Excellency praised the Ministry of Finance for setting the budget for the year 2022 AD completely devoid of external support. He added: “The budget is free of external support… We do not reject external support, but we do not. We depend on him, we depend on our resources.”

Dagalo stressed that the government will start maintaining and operating the ports by the best means and facilitating their services. . Lieutenant-General Dagalo described the previous economic emergency committee as very successful in terms of setting policies, but it failed to implement 50 decisions it took and succeeded in implementing one, explaining that he announced his resignation from the previous committee after reaching a dead end and not implementing the committee’s decisions.

Dagalo called for reviewing and expanding the strategic goods portfolio to reach $10 billion to serve the country.

The Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Economic Emergencies sent a message of reassurance to the citizens that the country will rise and that the government knows and appreciates the suffering of the citizens, stressing the importance of preserving the country’s resources of gold, grain, gum, and livestock to make the most of its export.

He pointed out that the government will sit with employers and chambers at the level of Sudan and put Sudan first, adding, “Class is in session, and the lesson will be on our Homeland.”

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