Investment Projects in the Qarri Free Zones to Open

Haffiya Abdalla 

Khartoum — The Director of Qarri Zone, Mortada Mohammad Ismail, pointed out the efforts being held, partnerships, and large investment activities, and pointed to the weakness of local national investments in the free zone.

He announced an intensive meeting with the Bank of Sudan and Sudanese banks to address the problem of remittances and financing, referring to addressing some banks to form partnerships regarding finance. He pointed to offering 16 acres for agricultural investment and revealed their contact with several companies to provide goods and bridge the food gap in the state of Khartoum.

On his side, the Marketing Director, at Qarri Zone, Samuel Abdel Ilah, stressed the challenges facing foreign exchange transfers and pointed out in his speech that the interest in trade without industry is a challenge facing the free zone.

He revealed the entry of several local banks to finance some investment projects, saying that the free zone has multiple advantages in providing opportunities and foreign funds, confirming that the Free Zone area opens investment horizons to facilitate trade exchange between neighboring countries.

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