Statement by Missiriya Beholders in Jebel Moon, Sudan

In the name of Allah the Most Merciful the most gracious 

The Beholder: Jamal Muhammad Al-Haj Ibrahim
Superintendent of all Walks of the Mountain in Sudan

At the outset, we condemn the security breaches that occurred in the area and have mercy on the innocent lives in the Jabal Moon locality in general.

The events that took place in 2020 and continued until now, which claimed the lives of nearly a hundred people on both sides, which is an unfortunate matter in which the voice of wisdom between groups linked by blood and land and a long history of peaceful coexistence was absent. What happened and is happening in Jebel Moon on an ongoing basis, parties from outside the region and hidden hands are behind it, and our people on both sides must realize this.

We the beholders of Missiriya in Jebel Moon believe that the interest of all parties lies in peace, coexistence, and conflict resolution in accordance with customs and historical heritage. We appeal to the local, regional and international Sudanese community to support peace in the Jebel Moon locality and not be drawn into misleading media.

The problem we are facing now in the region is natural and old conflicts that are renewed from time to time as a result of insecurity in the region and the spread of livestock thefts. Therefore, we call for an urgent dispatch of a joint force of the army, rapid support, and the police to maintain security and protect citizens, separate the warring groups and retrieve the looted livestock, as we call on the wise. From our people, with their various formations, to intervene and solve problems according to customs, to save blood.

God guides to what is to be done…

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