Sovereign Council VP Receives Secretary-General of the UN Secretary-General of the Horn of Africa

Staff Writer

Khartoum 18/04/2022 – The first Mohammed Hamdan Dakalo, Vice Chairman of the Republic of Sovereignty, was received at the Republican Palace office on Saturday.

 The meeting discussed the situation in the Abyei and peace area in southern Sudan and the border issue with Ethiopia, along with the file of the Renaissance Dam.

The first team expressed its appreciation for United Nations efforts in Sudan and the region and the role they could play in solving many issues facing the African-century region.

He confirmed his sovereignty over the resolutions between Sudan and South Sudan, which would contribute to calming the situation in the Abyei area, paving the way for friendly solutions.

His sovereignty emphasized the importance of dialogue as a fundamental principle to resolve differences between the three Sudan, Egypt, and Ethiopia on the Renaissance Dam.

For its part, the Special Policies of the Secretary-General for the Secretary-General summons the efforts of Sudan to settle differences between southern Sudan’s parties and reach an agreement on security arrangements, as well as the positive role of Sudan in the fight against illegal immigration and human trafficking, and she pointed out several officials in the country to put perceptions leading to resolving those issues.

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