Dagalo: “The Tribal Conflict in Darfur is Artificial And Orchestrated”

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Khartoum 03/05/2022 – Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, confirmed that the tribal conflict in Darfur is artificial and planned and that some are lurking in Sudan and Darfur.

In his address today, he stressed the greetings of Commander Minni Arko Minawi, governor of the Darfur region, head of the Sudan Liberation Army movement, which was established by the movement on the occasion of the blessed Eid al-Fitr in the Mohandessin neighborhood in Omdurman. He referred to the formation of several legal and political committees, along with a neutral committee headed by the Attorney General, to conduct investigations about the events in El Geneina and Kreinik.

He stressed that all Koulki investigations and the events in West Darfur will be reviewed with full transparency, and all those involved in these events will be held accountable, and he noted the existence of tribal problems even in the presence of the international community and UNAMID, pointing out that addressing tribal problems requires wisdom, patience, and confrontation.

The Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council praised the Sudanese judiciary and its integrity, stressing the need to establish justice and not accept injustice for anyone.

May His Eminence have mercy on the deceased Imam al-Sadiq al-Mahdi, who was wise and balanced in the country’s issues. He did not like the course of change from the first moment and continued that the change that occurred on April 11 was unsatisfactory due to ambitions and the accompanying differences between the components, and we demanded a change that satisfies all people and is agreed upon by everyone according to the project and program for managing these great resources owned by the country.

Dagalo criticized the actions of some political forces that harmed the revolution, pointing out that some worked against those who supported the people and helped them during the first days of the revolution. He said, “We will tell the truth even if our necks are cut off.” Some politicians should not deal honestly and responsibly with the issues of the country, and some agree with you on a matter, and return with different opinions, according to what others follow.

He commented that there are politicians who demanded that all seats in the Legislative Council be given to the residents of Khartoum, ignoring the residents of the states, considering that the revolution began in Khartoum, and confirmed the existence of real change, citing the assumption of some jobs that until recently were the preserve of certain people, and added (there are places that were a forbidden red line, but After the change, the order was changed).

Saying; “We are ready to put our hands above each other and accept each other until we come to addressing the country’s issues,” stressing the need for Sudan’s interest to be supreme, and to uphold the values ​​of tolerance to solve the country’s crisis.

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