Dagalo Directs Government Forces to Extend the Prestige of the State and Apply the Law to the Unruly and Criminals

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Al-Geneina – 19/06/2022 — The Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant-General Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo, Commander of the Rapid Support Forces, directed all security agencies, rapid support, the army, and the police, to extend the prestige of the state, and to apply the law to all unruly and criminals.

During his address to the Rapid Support Sector in El Geneina, capital of West Darfur State today, Dagalo stressed that the Rapid Support Forces are national in formation and establishment, and include all states and tribes of Sudan, pointing out that there is a systematic action and agenda against these forces.

Dagalo praised the discipline of the Rapid Support Forces and that they work according to the law and do not favor or compliment any of their members who committed what violates the law, and that their leaders are officers of the armed forces and the police, pointing out that there are several cases in some states whose employees committed violations, and they were handed over to justice. He added, “We do not interfere with justice, and all of our forces participated in the dispersal of the sit-in, we handed them over to justice.”

Dagalo stated that the Rapid Support Forces made a significant and effective contribution to the fight against drugs, illegal immigration, and human trafficking and that they were the first forces to seize a quantity of smuggled gold on the borders.

The Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council affirmed that there will be consultations about making decisions about the decentralization of all regular forces, the army, rapid support, and the police to work in all states, as well as looking into activating the mandatory service to benefit from youth and training them, directing all regular agencies in harmony, cooperation, teamwork, and respect. The oath they have taken, the arrest of any criminal or thief, and the use of appropriate force against those who bear arms or threaten the security of people.

Dagalo called for the renunciation of tribalism and regionalism and adherence to the word “there is no god but God”, on the grounds that people in Sudan are equal and all of them are Africans.

He also renewed his call for the displaced to return to their villages of origin and lead their normal lives, appealing to local and international voluntary organizations to assist in the return of the displaced, assuring the displaced that every land or plantation that was expropriated or seized from any party will be recovered.

The Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council confirmed that their visit to West Darfur is to resolve all problems and conflicts.

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