Dagalo: “We Will Not Return to Khartoum Until We Find a Solution to the Tribal Problems”

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Al-Geneina – Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, directed violent criticism at what he described as hotel and apartment guests in Europe who claim to struggle in the name of the weak and the displaced, noting that these people will not offer anything because they are preoccupied with their interests.

He stressed the importance of the role of universities in contributing to achieving peace and stability, and educating society about the dangers of tribal and regional conflicts, pointing to the government’s interest and sponsorship of scientific institutions, especially universities, in terms of students being the mainstay of the future.

Addressing the students of El-Geneina University today at the university’s headquarters, in the presence of the two members of the sovereignty, Dr. Al-Hadi Idris, Professor Al-Taher Abu Bakr Hajar, the Governor of West Darfur State, and Dr. Suleiman Sandal, he called on the students to form committees from all faculties to sit with the components of Al-Geneina, to search for the causes of the conflicts and disputes that engulfed the unit society and finding permanent solutions to it, directing the students to reflect what they have learned among their families, and urging them to forget the past and rise above surgeries, for lasting and stable peace, and put an end to differences and conflicts.

The Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereign Council said, “We came from Khartoum to address all tribal issues and problems in the state of Gharb, and we will not return until we find a solution to them.”

Dagalo called on the students to pay attention to what is being woven by those who run the agenda from outside the country, and to look at the public interest, by contributing to the recovery of rights to their owners, the return of the displaced to their areas of origin, and their reassurance that the joint forces will protect them, stressing that the return will be an end and not temporary in Autumn time, then back again to the camps. And he added, “Let us renounce the hatred, animosity, and malice of those outside, and solve our problems on our own.

Dagalo pledged to support El Geneina University with everything that would contribute to creating the appropriate environment for the performance of its educational mission, as he donated to the university the construction of a modern hall that accommodates the largest number of students, an integrated laboratory, ten administrative vehicles, two buses to transport students, creating an environment for residential complexes for students, and ten opportunities For a master’s degree abroad.

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