Direct Dialogue Starts in Presence of the Military Component Headed by Dagalo and Political Forces, With the Absence of “Qaht”

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Khartoum – 08/06/2022 — Today, Wednesday, direct dialogue between the various Sudanese parties began, facilitated by the tripartite mechanism represented by (the African Union, IGAD, and UNITAMS) in the presence of the military component headed by Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, Vice President of the Sovereignty Council, several political parties, peace signatories and civil society organizations. While some political forces recorded an absence from the first direct dialogue sessions.

United Nations envoy Dr. Volker Perthes stressed that the tripartite mechanism is just a facilitator between the Sudanese parties, indicating that they will leave the choice to the parties whether they want the mechanism to continue managing the talks, or whether they will choose another party to handle the matter.

He explained that today’s talks will reach an agreement on dialogue procedures and the main topics that will be negotiated, pointing out that they are coordinating their efforts with regional and international parties, as well as the Sudanese who are stakeholders, calling on all parties to communicate with the political forces that were absent from today’s session, urging them to The importance of engaging in dialogue to reach solutions to the Sudanese crisis, noting that they had asked the authorities to create the environment for dialogue and that they had lifted the state of emergency and released the detainees, expecting more measures to create the climate, and stressed that they had invited a large number of political and civil forces and would invite others in the future.

For his part, the African Union envoy, Mohamed Weld Labat, stressed that the dialogue is Sudanese and the issue is Sudanese, calling for the need for unity and serious engagement to resolve the political crisis in the country, and he added, “Do not rub your skin like your finger,” noting that the absent parties today assured them in advance of their adherence to the dialogue and their support. To the efforts of the tripartite mechanism as a facilitator for dialogue, calling on the parties to have their theses and discussions realistic that lead to an agreement.

A committee from the military component will participate in the talks, including Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council and members of the Council, Lieutenant-General Shams El-Din Kabashi, and Lieutenant-General Ibrahim Jaber.

The components of the Forces of Freedom and Change (the Charter of National Accord) and the components of the Revolutionary Front, in addition to the components of the National Unity Parties and representatives of the People’s Congress Party and other political forces.

Absent from the talks were the components of the Central Council for Freedom and Change, the National Umma Party, the Communist Party, the Resistance Committees, and other revolutionary currents.

The talks began with an opening session in the presence of the media, and then the various parties entered into a closed meeting.

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