Sovereignty Council Chairs a Meeting to Promote and Develop Oil Cooperation With the Republic of South Sudan

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Khartoum 06/08/2022 – The Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, chaired a meeting at the Republican Palace today, which included the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, the Ministers in charge of Cabinet Affairs, Defense, Justice, Energy and Oil, Investment, and the Head of the Bank of Sudan, Director of the General Intelligence Service, the representative of the designated Minister of Interior.

The meeting discussed ways to enhance and develop oil cooperation between Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan.

In a press statement, Eng. Mohamed Abdullah Mahmoud, Minister of Energy and Oil in charge, said that the meeting reassured the progress of work on signing an agreement with the Republic of South Sudan in the field of oil cooperation and related issues.

He pointed out that the meeting heard a technical and financial report on the previous agreement and a report on the progress of the current negotiations between the two sides.

Eng. Mohamed Abdullah added that the meeting valued the spirit of cooperation that prevailed during the implementation of the previous oil agreement, which lasted from 2012 until 2022 AD, and ended on March 31, noting that the agreement was accompanied by many difficulties that were overcome in the spirit of cooperation between the two parties.

He said that the meeting stressed the need to enhance cooperation between the two countries on oil issues, and the importance of reaching an agreement that satisfies both parties, including the transfer of South Sudan’s oil through Sudanese oil facilities in a way that achieves the common interest.

He pointed out that the meeting directed the need to strengthen cooperation to increase oil production in the Republic of South Sudan, and to provide it with Sudanese expertise in the field of oil and capacity building, adding that discussions between the two sides will continue during the coming period with the aim of reaching an agreement that is satisfactory to both countries.

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