Press Statement from the General Union of Sudanese Journalists

Press Release

The General Union of Sudanese Journalists is closely monitoring what is being circulated in the media regarding the procedures and arrangements carried out by a group of allied press bodies, which announced a general assembly on Saturday, July 23, 2022 AD in Dar Al Mohandes, to approve its statute and choose a committee to supervise the elections.

We in the General Union of Sudanese Journalists consider that the General Union is the only legitimate body elected by law by the press base on a well-known general assembly, and it is recognized regionally and internationally.

Any practice that is taking place now in light of the suspension of the law of trade unions and professional associations and the freezing of the activity of elected institutions is considered an illegal and violating approach and practice The laws and regulations regulating the establishment of trade unions and professional federations and recognized by the International Labor Organization, the International Federation of Journalists and the regional unions and organizations of the press and media.

We also reject the establishment of any parallel divisive body in the absence of the law that regulates the work of unions and federations.

This work is carried out by political groups that stem from open agendas and aim to serve goals of a political nature that have nothing to do with the profession or the situation of journalists.

In this regard, we strongly demand that the official authorities raise Restrictions on the General Union of Journalists and cancellation the decision to freeze its activity, and the order was returned to the press base to decide who represents it through the exercise of rational democracy and freedom of expression and expression of free opinion.

We demand the Journalism Community to boycott any activity that would cause division among the cohesive press entity.

We also demand that competent bodies and legal authorities not allow any activity of this kind to preserve the stability of the journalistic environment, especially since our country is living in a critical transitional situation that does not allow more discord, rivalries, and divisions.

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