Sovereignty Council VP Reassures the Arrangements for the Voluntary Return of the Kreinding IDPs

Staff Writer

Al-Geneina 24/07/2022 — The Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, accompanied by a member of the Council, Mr. Taher Abu Bakr Hajar, and members of the accompanying delegation, inspected today the warehouses of the Humanitarian Aid Commission in Al-Geneina, and checked the volume of food aid and shelter, in preparation for the voluntary return of the displaced.

In a related context, Dagalo was assured of the procedures for the gradual voluntary return of the displaced people from the Kreinding camp in the city of Al-Geneina, following the administrative and security arrangements that have been taken in this regard.

During his visit to the camp, accompanied by a member of the Sovereign Council, Mr. Taher Abu Bakr Hajar, Lieutenant-General Khaled Abdeen Al-Shami, Deputy Chief of Staff Operations, Lieutenant-General Muhammad Ibrahim, representative of the police forces, and Major General Security Abu Obeida Mirghani, representative of the General Intelligence Service, he directed the deployment and increase of the joint forces, And the police bases in the camp, and the need to work to provide security and protect citizens from unruly people, by quickly intervening and arresting criminals, stressing the need for the permanent presence of those forces in their bases to prevent any intruder or criminal saboteur or aggressor on the lives or property of citizens, reiterating the government’s keenness and interest in extending prestige The state and the implementation of the rule of law, without complacency or complacency in that.

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