Sovereignty Council VP Speaks on Tribal Conflict in Statement

Press Release

First, we pray to Allah the Almighty to rest the souls of those who were killed unjustly in the Blue Nile, Darfur, Eastern Sudan, Khartoum, and every part of this beloved country.

I am addressing you today as our country is passing an unprecedented crisis that threatens its unity, safety, security, and social fabric a matter that necessitates all of us to take honest and trustworthy stances in shouldering our ethical and national responsibility.

The widespread tribal conflicts all over the country and the bloodshed besides the escalation of racism will lead our country to collapse and we will never be part of it so we will not keep silent about such threats.

I am watching and recognizing the internal and external plots targeting our country, and I call on from this forum all the honorable patriots including the political social, and revolutionary forces to work together and recognize the threats surrounding our nation to reach urgent political resolutions for the present crises.

It is time for resorting to the voice of reason and rejecting useless conflict from which nobody will benefit except the enemies of the nation.

Our Dear Sudanese People,

You followed the recent decisions issued by the President of the Sovereign Council, the Commander-in-Chief of the Army, 1st lt. Gen. Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan on 4th June. Those decisions which we worked together in crafting through continuous consultations as one team in good faith to provide solutions to the national crisis whatever concessions are provided by us.

We are not sticking to power that leads to bloodshed or destabilizes our country; so accordingly we decided, together, to avail the opportunity to the powers of the revolution and national political forces to discuss the issue and come out with their proposals without any interference from the military institution.

We have decided honestly to leave the issue of governance to the civilians and that the regular forces devote themselves to performing their noble national duties stipulated in the constitution and law.
From this standpoint, I call on the revolutionary and nationalist political forces to expedite urgent solutions that lead to the formation of transitional governance institutions.

Respected Sudanese Citizens,

I will exert all possible efforts to remove any obstacles facing them to find a way out and sail to safe shores.

Dear Sudanese People,

I have spent the last few weeks in Darfur and will go there again to continue what I have started there and to accomplish the Peace Agreement. I was shocked by the damage, marginalization, and escalating conflicts and differences amid the components of the region besides the spread of poverty and the absence of services.

I exerted, together with my colleague’s great efforts which results will be clear soon. I will continue together with my colleagues to complete what we have already started to make the people enjoy security and stability besides bringing an end to hate speech and racism.

I call on all the people of this country to spread a tolerant culture and accept others, besides awareness of the diversity of our country.

In conclusion, I reiterate from my national and ethical responsibility my full commitment to protecting the goals of the glorious December revolution, besides protecting the transitional period leading to democratic transformation and free and fair elections.

I affirm my commitment to work with the Sudanese Armed Forces, all honest nationalists in adhering to our constitutional tasks and working to reform the military and security s from the implementation of the Juba peace Agreement including the security arrangements item to form one professional army that reflects the diversity of Sudan and preserve the security and sovereignty of our country.

We renew our call to the rebel armed movements to join the peace process.
Long live free and independent Sudan. May Allah protect our country and its people from all evil.

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