Sudanese Joint Forces Arrest 177 Infiltrators in Azerni Area and Deports them to Port Sudan Prison

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Al-Geneina 27/07/2022 – The joint forces of the army, the Rapid Support Forces, and the General Intelligence Service managed to arrest 177 fugitives following a tribal conflict in the Azerni region of West Darfur state today.

The Governor of West Darfur, General Khamis Abdullah Abkar, praised the forces that participated in this arrest, as they were able to arrest intruders with a variety of different weapons and motorcycles, who participated in the tribal conflict that claimed the lives of several lives and wounded.

General Khamis stressed that there will be no tolerance of any crime after the conclusion of the peace agreements that took place in the last period and under the supervision of the Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, and the presence of the members of the Sovereignty, Al-Tahir, and Al-Hadi, and that anyone who begs himself to attack the lives and property of citizens will confront him.

The joint forces relentlessly, noted that whoever signed on behalf of his tribe any reconciliation will be the first responsible for any crime or security breach committed by his tribe on whose behalf he signed.

Khamis directed the joint forces to carry out their duty to preserve the security and stability of citizens without complacency or tolerance with any party, stressing that the joint forces tribe and the other regular forces are the military uniforms known as (khaki).

He also directed to send the arrested to Port Sudan prison immediately, stressing that the campaign of combing and arresting everyone who participated in the events of Azni continues.

For his part, Colonel Musa Hamid Mbelo, commander of the joint forces that managed to arrest the 177 outlaws, confirmed the readiness of the forces to establish the prestige of the state, impose the rule of law and pursue the perpetrators, whoever they were and anywhere in West Darfur, stressing that the arrest of the perpetrators in Azerni is a message that the forces will not be tolerant in deterring any criminal, praising the forces that accomplished the task of capturing the perpetrators and fueling the civil war once again.

Later in the day, about 90 of the Muftaflin were deported to Port Sudan.

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