The Chinese Dragon and the African Giant

Mohamed Saad Kamel

For decades, the African continent has been swimming in complete darkness of ignorance, poverty, wars, and famines. Until this moment, Africa is still suffering despite the development of the world in all respects.

Although the African continent is full of all the ingredients for success in terms of land, nature, and people, the opportunities in Africa have only been exploited by the old colonialists and the modern colonizers who, to this moment, are managing most of Africa through immoral practices and under the pretext of humanity and under the wing of organizations of murder and theft and through partnerships Some African leaders and politicians benefit from it in cooperation with these colonial countries.

But the China-Africa partnership can benefit from the failures of other partnerships, such as colonial partnerships, which aim only to exploit the natural resources of the African continent by fueling tribal, political, and ethnic conflict. China should continue to support Africa in priority areas, and strengthen the capabilities of African countries to achieve this.

Encouraging countries in various ways to respond to the current demands of the people of an economic nature. Africans should see China as the savior and the true partner for Africa, and they must see that China is a partner that does not have colonial ambitions, but rather that it shares with many other developing countries the same historical background. The People’s Republic of China is a partner that provides important support without any preconditions.

China understands African priorities the most and has a good reputation among African countries in terms of respecting the cultures of other countries.

Today in Beijing 20-21, 2022, China is running a huge economic event through a China-Africa think-tank to promote the spirit of friendship and cooperation between China and Africa on joint action and the global development initiative.

Historically, trade between China and Africa grew by 700% during the 1990s, and China is currently Africa’s largest trading partner.

The China-Africa Cooperation Forum was established in October 2000 as an official forum to closely promote relations. A few Western countries, such as the United Kingdom and the United States, have become concerned about the important political, economic, and military roles that China plays on the African continent.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry also stresses China’s development commitments to Africa, and also states that China and Africa are making “joint efforts to safeguard the legal rights of developing countries, and move forward towards the establishment of a new, equitable and just political and economic order in the world.”

In addition, the Chinese side will support the African integration process and help Africa enhance its capacity for comprehensive development.

It will establish with Africa a partnership on cross-border and cross-regional infrastructure development, support projects related to planning and feasibility studies, and encourage the establishment of Chinese companies and financial institutions to participate in the development of cross-border and regional infrastructure in Africa.

China will also help African countries modernize customs and inspect goods to promote inter-regional trade. The Chinese side will also promote people-to-people friendship, laying a solid foundation for people’s support to promote Sino-African common development. China proposes to carry out the work of “China-Africa People’s Friendship” to support and strengthen exchanges and cooperation between people’s organizations, women, and the youth of the two sides.

According to President Hu, China will also launch the “Initiative on China-Africa Cooperative Partnership for Peace and Stability”, deepen cooperation with the African Union and African countries in maintaining peace and security in Africa, and provide financial support for African Union peacekeeping missions and the development of the African Standby Force, In addition to training more security officials and peacekeepers in the African Union.

All these benefits Africa reaps from the Chinese dragon and more, and without any interference in internal politics, and without any military intervention, conspiracies, or support for one party over the other, and the permanent question remains why Africa does not turn to China to form together an indomitable economic and social force.

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