The RSF Foils an Attempt at Smuggling 6 Kilograms of Gold in the Red Sea State

Staff Writer

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) have managed to foil an attempt of smuggling 6,486,2 o smugglers of gold at the Al-Hufra area in the northern borders of the Red Sea State. Two suspects were arrested driving a Hilux pickup and 2 motorbikes.

For his part, the governor of Red Sea State, Fath Allah El-Haj Ahmed hailed the role of the RSF in preserving security and protecting the properties of the citizens, besides its role in fighting smuggling which damages the national economy.

RSF Commander – Eastern Sector – Brig. Modawi Hussein Dhai Al-Nour affirmed that this indicates that the RSF is open-eyed and keen on fighting cross-border crimes, especially smuggling and human trafficking, lauding the professionalism of the forces that managed to foil the smuggling of the gold.

Meanwhile, RSF Commander in the Red Sea Sector, Col. Rami Adam El-Tayeb affirmed the keenness of the RSF in fighting organized crime besides its role in achieving security and stability along with its pioneering role in improving the services of the area as part of its social responsibility.

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