Al-Burhan Confirms Sudan’s Position in Condemning All Forms of Extremism, Terrorism, and Criminal Activities

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Khartoum – 08/08/2022 – The Chairman of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Lieutenant-General Abdulfattah Al-Burhan, said that Sudan has continued to play a major and pioneering role in working for the stability and security of the African continent, by tackling the phenomenon of terrorism, illegal immigration and all forms of cross-border organized crime, depending on its efforts, its capabilities, and its cooperation with friends. and brothers to achieve peace and security at the African and international levels.

Addressing today at Corinthia Hotel in Khartoum, the inaugural session of the workshop on the role of immunization and intellectual treatment in combating terrorism, which was organized by the General Intelligence Service, in coordination with the African Security and Intelligence Services Committee (CISA).

Al-Burhan explained that the holding of this workshop coincides with Sudan’s anticipation of a new stage. In which the Sudanese people eagerly seek a comprehensive national consensus, in which all political, societal, and youth forces participate. To contribute to the formation of a complete civilian government, which will undertake the completion of the transitional period. And arranging for free and fair elections. The aspirations and hopes of the Sudanese people will be fulfilled.

He said that Sudan, like other countries, is facing the phenomenon of violent extremism and terrorism and is making great efforts to combat these phenomena through various means, including the security services, issuing several legislation and laws, and ratifying many regional, international, and bilateral agreements. Noting that Sudan has established many mechanisms to control borders with neighboring countries to work together within the regional and international system to combat terrorism and extremism.

The President of the Sovereignty Council affirmed Sudan’s firm and unequivocal position in condemning all forms of extremism, violent extremism, terrorism, and criminal activities practiced by terrorist and extremist organizations, and renewed Sudan’s commitment to confronting all forms of terrorism and confronting it by all possible and available means, especially through the approach of intellectual dialogue, and to support and develop the intellectual treatment experience that Sudan initiated it and works on it, and achieved advanced and fruitful results. In addition to positive work among the groups targeted by terrorist groups to neutralize them.

He added, “We are fully convinced, trust, and have no doubts in the African Security and Intelligence Services Committee (CISA) because of its capabilities and expertise that qualify it to confront the phenomena of terrorism, extremism, transnational crime, and illegal immigration and to overcome all Security Challenges in the African Continent. And that is through cooperation and coordination, strengthening and promoting relations by working hard and sincerely to combat these phenomena.

Al-Burhan announced his full sponsorship and support for the recommendations that will emerge from the workshop, stressing his commitment to implementing them to the fullest.

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