Dagalo Inspects the Conditions of those Affected by the Nile River and Runs a Humanitarian Convoy to the Area

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Berber 16/08/2022 – Today, the Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, inspected those affected by torrential rains and floods in Berber locality, River Nile State, accompanied by the Minister of Finance, Dr. Jibril Ibrahim Muhammad, Minister of Social Development Ahmed Adam Bakheet, Minister of Health Haitham Muhammad Awad Allah, Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid Najm al-Din Musa Abdullah, Secretary General of the Civil Defense Council, representative of the Minister of Interior, Othman Atta Mustafa Police Team, and Deputy Secretary General of the Zakat Court Khaled Othman Daoud, and Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce, Ayman Mohammed Sheikh Jamil.

He was received in Al-Makailab, Berber locality, one of the affected areas, and the state’s governor, Muhammad Al-Badawi Abdul Majid, the state’s security committee, and notables in the area.

He inspected the ground the extent of the damages caused to the property of citizens, including homes and schools in the areas of Al-Mikailab.

The Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council expressed his sympathy to those affected in all states of Sudan, especially in the Nile, Gezira, Kassala, West Kordofan, and Sennar, asking God to make this year’s rains good and blessings for all of Sudan, noting that the visit of the Chairman of the Sovereignty Council to the region was enough, but he The attendance preferred himself to stand on the ground on the conditions of the affected, and he stressed the need to form community committees to follow up on the social responsibility funds for companies and factories in the state, indicating that these funds are enough to rehabilitate the area, calling for the need to work with transparency and for everything to move away from tampering.

He pointed to the arrival of a large convoy It carries food supplies, tents, and tarpaulins, in addition to a medical convoy and the provision of a tank of water for the affected people’s watering. He called for combating the phenomenon of mining activity inside homes, by bringing heaps (Karta) noting the environmental and health risks of this activity and affirming that his stance with the people of the region and providing all that would help them return to their normal lives, and added (by God, we called you to him, not to mention the money).

In this context, he checked on the conditions of the affected citizens in the (Ghabash) area, noting that he and the accompanying delegation came to the area to check on the conditions of the people and provide a helping hand. And stressed the need to keep up with environmental changes so the tragedy will be repeated in the coming years, and he revealed an expanded meeting that includes all relevant authorities to put urgent measures to help those affected in all states of Sudan.

In addition, he stood in the field on the affected areas around Kedbas, praising the great efforts undertaken by Sheikh Al-Jaali in the region, and promised to provide two vehicles to serve the area, one of which is an ambulance, pointing to the importance of uniting the federal committees to work to provide aid to the affected, and directed the Zakat Bureau to allocate a special budget to support the affected.

For his part, Minister of Finance, Dr. Jibril Ibrahim, stressed the state’s standing by the affected people and providing them with humanitarian assistance, noting that the center will provide support and assistance to the affected areas, calling for combating the phenomenon of gold extraction inside homes, because of its serious damage to people’s health, especially the substance Mercury, which he described as fatal.

In turn, the designated Wali of the Nile River State, Muhammad Al-Badawi Abdul Majid, expressed his government’s appreciation for the visit of the Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council and his accompanying delegation, which included all the affected areas and to stand on the ground on the conditions of the people, pointing to the importance of continuing to work to avoid the great damage that occurred to the citizens. Official and popular institutions and businessmen support their families in the Nile, stressing the formation of committees to distribute the aid donated by the Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council.

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