RSF Second Commander Witnesses Signing of Document to Stop Hostilities Between Conflicting Parties in the Blue Nile

Staff Writer

Blue Nile – 03/08/2022 — The second commander of the Rapid Support Forces, Lieutenant-General Abdel Rahim Hamdan Daglo, witnessed the signing of the document to stop hostilities between the parties to the conflict in the Blue Nile region.

During his address to the signing ceremony, Lieutenant-General Abdel Rahim affirmed the interest of the Vice-President of the Sovereign Council, Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, for peace and reconciliation in all parts of Sudan, indicating that the Blue Nile will witness the final peace conference during the next few days, noting that signing the document is a great work and the responsibility for its implementation on the ground lies with The responsibility of all components of the region, along with the government, security services, civil administrations, and initiative owners.

Dagalo directed the owners of the initiatives and committees to download the outputs of the document of stopping hostilities to the ground, and said that there are measures that will be taken against everyone who seeks to tamper with the security and stability of the region, stressing that their responsibility is to maintain security and protect citizens, noting that the regular forces are working on the heart of one man to achieve security.

He also directed the mechanism to circumnavigate all the villages to inform the citizens of the document that was signed between the social components and said that the failure to reach the causes of the strife that occurred in the Blue Nile is considered unfair to the citizens, warning the agenda-holders to stay away from the citizens and added that investing in tribal conflicts is a losing trade, not It has value, as Lieutenant-General Dagalo affirmed his support for the region with everything it needs to maintain security until the final peace is signed.

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