Sovereignty Council VP: There Are Malicious Schemes Targeting the Cohesion of the Tribes

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Khartoum – 10/08/2022 — ice-President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, said that there are malicious schemes that target the cohesion of the social fabric between tribes.

Dagalo said, in a press conference, at Khartoum Airport after his return. From an official visit to the states of West, Central, and North Darfur that lasted for 52 days, the visit succeeded in concluding many reconciliations between tribes and reassured the services provided to the displaced in Darfur, and ensured their voluntary return. He indicated that the visit aimed to find out about the events that took place in West Darfur, and the treatments that took place in this regard. He referred to the agreement to stop hostilities that were signed between the Masalit and the Arab tribes. He added that he also visited the state of Central Darfur and held more than (13) meetings with the categorical and social components of the state, noting that the visitors found a great response from the displaced in the state who committed themselves to return voluntarily to their villages and areas. He referred to his meeting with the Fur tribe led by al-Damanqawi Sisi Fadl Sisi, describing the meeting as positive and successful.

The Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council praised the tireless work of the agricultural season in West Darfur. He noted that the deployment of joint forces in all regions, especially conflict areas, helped achieve stability. He added that the issue of the return of refugees and displaced persons requires huge capabilities that must be met to ensure their stability, stressing the state’s commitment to providing everything that would assist in voluntary returns.

On his visit to Chad, Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo said that he had held talks with the Chadian side on the importance of securing the common borders between the two countries, and the necessity of enabling the Sudanese-Chadian joint forces to play their role to protect and secure the borders and prevent the infiltration of infiltrators across the border. Referring to the unfortunate events that took place in Bir Sariba and Ardiba areas in West Darfur, which claimed the lives of (18) innocent citizens as a result of the incursion of some unsuspecting Chadians into Sudanese territory.

In addition, the Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council expressed his thanks to the United Arab Emirates for its continuous support to the state of West Darfur, pointing to the medicines it provided to the displaced, which are estimated at 714 cartons, calling on international, regional and local organizations to work in the field of supporting the voluntary return of the displaced.

In response to journalists’ questions, he said that the statement he issued regarding the withdrawal from the political arena was consistent and supportive of the statement issued by the President of the Sovereignty Council regarding the withdrawal of the army from the political process. He expressed his hope that the civil parties would reach a national consensus that would lead to the completion of the institutions of the transitional period and the formation of a civilian government to manage the remainder of the transition process. “Our main concern is for Sudan to come out to safety,” he added.

Regarding the Nidaa Ahl al-Sudan initiative, led by Sheikh Al-Tayeb Al-Jedd, he said that some of the sheikhs of the Sufi orders and the civil administrations made contact with him regarding the initiative, indicating that he asked them to name the fourteen committees to review and scrutinize them, and added that we respect all Sufi orders, but we want an initiative that enjoys consensus and no dispute. around.

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