The Arrival of Locomotives from China to Sudan

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China, as usual, supports and assists the countries of the world in all aspects of development and without interfering in politics or internal affairs, and Sudan for decades has enjoyed an excellent relationship with China, which has implemented dozens of development projects in Sudan.

The Ministry of Transport in Port Sudan building in the Red Sea state celebrated the arrival of 17 new locomotives for the Railway Authority, out of a total of 34 from China.

Today, the port witnessed a huge celebration in which the Red Sea State, the Sudan Railways Authority, the security and police services, and the seaports participated.

Addressing the celebration, the Minister of Transport, Hisham Muhammad Abu Dhaid, said that the arrival of the new locomotives is the result of continuous work with great efforts made by the Ministry of Transport, noting that the locomotives were manufactured with modern international specifications that contribute to the development of the transport wheel and restore the railway authority to its path, in addition to being an impetus to contribute. 

In economic development, especially since Sudan, with its strategic location, is considered a trade corridor and allows transportation to regional and international countries. The minister supported the government’s interest, represented by the Ministry of Finance, for its support and financing of this great project.

The Secretary General of the Red Sea Government, the Wali in charge of the Ministry of Transport, represented by the Sudan Railways, praised the arrival of the new locomotives, which is an event that the Sudanese citizen has been waiting for for a long time, which helps in the transportation process and facilitates incoming and outgoing movement. He welcomed the visit of the central delegation and its participation in the celebration from inside the port of Port Sudan.

The Director General of the Sudan Railways Authority, Engineer Walid Ahmed Mahmoud, announced the arrival of 27 railway cars at the end of this year, a load of 40 dinars, with modern and international specifications, and he said, “Today we celebrate the arrival of the batch.” The first is 17 locomotives out of a total of 34, and the rest will arrive in the coming months. 

He indicated that the locomotives project was among the projects to support tug-of-war, which became a real dream and reality. During the celebration, the locomotives were unloaded from the ship that crossed from China and will be transferred to the city of Atbara for examination and operation. At the end of the ceremony, all those who contributed to the arrival of these locomotives were honored.

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