Military Component Tripartite Committee Meets the Forces of National Consensus

Staff Writer

Khartoum 01/09/2022 – The Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Chairman of the Tripartite Committee of the Military Component, Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, chaired, at the Republican Palace today, the committee’s meeting with the National Accord Bloc, with the participation of a member of the Sovereign Council, Naval Engineer Ibrahim Jaber, within the framework of the consultations conducted by the military component with the political parties. in the yard.

In a press statement, a member of the leadership body of the Forces of National Consensus, Dr. Abdul Aziz Osher, said that the meeting discussed ways to unify the initiatives put forward in the political arena, to reach a national consensus that leads to the formation of structures and institutions for the transitional period.

 Osher added that the meeting touched on several issues related to the unification of the national will, indicating that the discussion that prevailed during the meeting was transparent and important, pointing to the agreement of the two parties to continue consultations, and stressing the importance of the time element in the next stage to reach a real national consensus in the least possible period of time.

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