RSF Organizes a Workshop on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law in El Fasher

Staff Writer

El Fasher – September 19th, 2022 – The Human Rights and Child Protection Unit of the Rapid Support Forces organized this morning (Monday) in El Fasher a training workshop in international humanitarian law, human rights law, and child protection in cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The workshop targeted a number of (200) students of the Rapid Support Forces, with the aim of raising awareness of international human rights law and international humanitarian law. The inaugural session of the workshop was addressed by Major General Gedo Hamdan Ahmed “Abushouk”, commander of the North Darfur sector, stressing the importance of such workshops for the forces, and saying that his forces pay great attention to the issues of human rights and international law as one of the basic and fundamental issues in people’s lives in addition to raising awareness of the forces to meet all conditions and making the law presented in all the tasks assigned to it.

While Dr. Haseeb Jonathan Koko, head of the Human Rights and Child Protection Unit of the Rapid Support Forces, explained that this workshop comes within the framework of a series of workshops carried out by the unit within the framework of the enlightenment project and the dissemination of knowledge education for the rules of conduct and rules of engagement, in addition to the field stand mainly regarding the level of commitment Forces with human rights and the extent of application of the rules of international and humanitarian law on the ground.

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