Al-Burhan: Positive signs for immenent agreement

The Transitional Sovereign Council chairman, Lieut. -Gen. Abdel Fattah Al-Burhana acknowledged complexities and challenges the transition process in Sudan.

However, he voiced his optimism about reaching an agreement, whose signs are on the horizon, according to him, urging political parties and community forces work toward peace.

In a speech to the Tana Forum, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, Saturday, Al-Burhan saidall the challenges complexities facing the transitional period would help consolidate efforrs abd guarantees for forming a civilian government to run the country, conducive a good atomsphere for eventual free and faie elections.

Al-Burhan reiterated the military’s seriousness to deliver on tge plege he had made earlier to withdraw political conversations and rather perform its duties to protect the country abd maintain national security and sovereignty.

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