Finance Minister: Next budget will be based on self-resources

Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Dr. Jibril Ibrahim has affirmed that the Sudanese delegation participated in the meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, which ended on the sixteenth of this month, succeeded in achieving a breakthrough in the relationship and communication with the international community, after the relationship was frozen Temporarily with international institutions following the October 25 procedures, and that efforts are being made between the components of society and the state to reach a settlement between the political parties.

Responding to questions by the journalist in the press conference held, today. In Sudan News Agency, Dr. Jibril outlined that Sudan had received promises to lift the frozen support, stressing that despite promises to support Sudan, the next budget will be built on Sudan’s own resources, and that if support is provided to Sudan, it will be directed to development and vital sectors, particularly, agriculture, Water and other vital sectors.

The Minister told reporters that his ministry has expanded the tax umbrella so as not to resort to increasing taxes, according to 2019 Agreement, which reached with the Sudanese businessmen.

He indicated that his ministry gives top priority to the agricultural sector and supports it by providing irrigation and fertilizer and supporting the Agricultural Bank to provide financing to farmers, adding that the ministry paid $8 million for bridging the gap between the concentration price and the market price for farmers.

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