Sudan : VP meets tripartite mechanism led by Volcker

The Sovereign Council deputy chairman, Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, received today the tripartite mechanism including Volker Peretz, head of the United Nations Integrated Mission, Ambassador Mohamed Belaiche, Special Representative of the African Union, and representative of IGAD envoy Mohamed Younes.

The meeting discussed the developments in the country, in light moves among political components, in order to reach a solution to the current crisis.

The chairman hailed the efforts of the tripartite mechanism in converging the Sudanese parties’ views, stressing the need for a solution through an agreement that will pave the way for the formation of a government to finalize the transitional period. Dagalo pointed to the wisdom of the Sudanese people in overcoming all difficulties facing the country.

The Special Representative of the African Union in Sudan, Ambassador Mohamed Belaiche described, in statements, the mechanism’s meeting with the Sovereign Council deputy chairman, as positive and constructive.

Belaiche said the meeting dealt with the ongoing developments in the arena, moves led by the resistance Committee of the Bar Association, in addition to the dialogue underway between the political components.

He pointed out that a satisfactory political settlement will be reached for all parties to the political process, adding, “We see that we are getting closer and closer to a satisfactory settlement for all parties to the political process.”

The AU official stressed that it was time for all parties to engage in the political process in a constructive spirit to get the country out of this tunnel in order to normalize Sudan’s relations with its regional and international surroundings, and also to address economic conditions, as well as finalizing comprehensive peace and consolidating measures conducive to Sudan’s stability.

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