VP Dagalo Addresses School Feeding Initiative, Calls for Urgent National Project

By: Staff Reporter

Vice President of the Sovereignty Council, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo said that the political and economic challenges facing the country require unity, social coherence and supporting each other.
He added: “We should double efforts to benefit from the available opportunities to come out from the poverty stricken towards production and economic prosperity.”
VP Dagalo called for preparing a huge national program to be participated by all in order to guarantee better future to next generations.
He added during his launching the Sudanese School Feeding Initiative that the project in its first phase will cover 400 thousand students in basic level, intermediate and secondary schools.
Dagalo extended congratulations to all the successful students in Sudan School Certificate examinations, wishing good luck for those who did not pass the exams.
“We are now in that of a new school year and within the current situations in Sudan, we laud this initiative especially that it targets the most vulnerable categories through providing meals to the students” he added, affirming their support to the endeavors of the Social Security Commission in strengthening the social protection networks for kids in order to create a conducive school environment to enable them concentrate and upgrade their mental and knowledge skills.
Yhe reiterated his commitment to support the initiative and to improve the capabilities of the concerned institutions besides boosting the cooperation and integration among the various health and nutrition programs for students in coordination with our partners in the UN, international and local organizations working in this field to reach an appropriate meal to each student.
“We will endeavor to transform the school feeding programs to sustainable national programs and integrate it in the national policies which lean to the vulnerable categories.” Dagalo said adding that efforts should be doubled to benefit from the available opportunities to come out from the poverty stricken towards production and economic prosperity.
Dagalo added: “We affirm our support to adapting the strategy of rehabilitating the boardinghouses for students in all rural areas besides obliging the parents to register their sons and daughters who are in school age.”
He announced his commitment to shoulder the fees of 1000 students from those who scored high degrees in Sudan School Certificate Examinations (85% an above from the sons of poor families in coordination with the Commission.

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