Agar meets Director of African Department of German Foreign Ministry

Berlin – The member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Malik Aqar Air, met at the German Foreign Ministry today, Ambassador Christian Bock, the Director General of the African, Latin American, Near and Middle East Department, in the presence of each of the Sudan’s Ambassador to Germany, Elham Ibrahim Mohamed Ahmed, and the Minister Commissioner Idris Mohammed Ali and the director of the office of the member of the Sovereignty Council, Al-Rashid Anwar.

From the German side, Ambassador Trosten Hutter, Director of the East and Horn of Africa Department, and Counselor Martin Munger, responsible for the Sudan file, attended the meeting.

The member of the TSC, discussed during the meeting ways to develop and strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries, expressein his and great gratitude for the role that Germany aspires to play in supporting peace and stability in Sudan, praising the efforts made by the German ambassador in Khartoum to promote joint cooperation relations, urging the German side to increase the cooperation in the field of humanitarian needs, developmental and humanitarian support to meet the requirements of the displaced and refugees, and to contribute to the civil democratic transition process.

The member of the TSC, in the same context, met with representatives from the relevant departments of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Development and Economic Cooperation, and the Humanitarian Affairs Officer at the German Foreign Ministry, and discussed the political developments in Sudan and the efforts exerted to reach an agreement between the political components that lead to the formation of a civilian government to manage the transitional period.

The Representatives of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Economic and Development Cooperation reviewed the efforts of the German government to support Sudan in the humanitarian and development fields, stressing their readiness to double it in the near future.

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