Dengue fever kills 5 in Sudan’s North Kordofan state Dengue fever

KHARTOUM – An outbreak of dengue fever has killed at least five people in North Kordofan state this week, health authorities said, adding that there are more than 360 suspected cases.

On November 6, the Sudanese government stated that dengue has hit eight states including North and West Kordofan, North, South and West Darfur, Red Sea, White Nile and Kassala states.

Also, activists shared videos and photos showing dozens of affected people seeking treatment at North Kordofan hospitals, which is the epicentre of the epidemic in the country.

In a statement, the Ministry of Health said that new 125 cases were reported, raising the total number of infected people to 362.

The ministry stated that seven cases are in an isolation centre, and five people have died of dengue fever.

On Sunday, the North Kordofan ministry of health reported 164 cases of dengue fever in state health centres.

The mosquito-borne dengue virus causes flu-like symptoms and can develop into the deadly haemorrhagic dengue fever.

Following the rainy season and flooding, take place the annual cycles of cholera, malaria and dengue outbreaks due to the stagnant and contaminated water.

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