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Embassy Of India Holds a Press Conference With the Sudanese Unions Chambers Of Commerce

The Embassy Of India Holds a Press Conference With the Sudanese Unions Chambers Of Commerce to enhance trade and Businesses relation with Sudan and India, Boost Economic Ties,
Education, Health and Tourism.
The Indian Ambassador to Sudan H.E. Mubarak in his Opening statement, said that India and Sudan have had long time relationship backed more than 150 Years ago, He said that these Upcoming Two Months will be historic for Sudan and India many events will take place, from 14th to 17th November 15 Indians Companies are coming to Sudan in the fields of Solar Energy, Sugar, Rice Constructions Of Materials, etc.
In the Fildes of Movies and Cinema 11th to 15th Nov, for Shows at the National Sudanese Theater ( NST) and the Full Show will be from 2the 8th to 2tend the end of December and are Open to the Public.
2 to 3 third December will be an Expo for Education ” Education in India and Opportunities for Sudanese Students “.
He Pointed out that an Indian Business Visa To India is 3 $ Dollars Which makes it Cheaper and last year alone 1,200 Business Visa was I used to India, Hundreds of Sudanese Students traveled to India annually for Studies at Indian Universities, Moreover, with ITEC Scholarship (Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation), we have achieved that each day Send Two Sudanese To India.
Omer Taha: Representative and Member Of Sudanese Unions Chambers Of Commerce, Praised the Indian role
Been played not only in Sudan but in the enter African Continent. He thanked the Indian Embassy for Organizing the Press Conference and for their utmost effort in Mutual Cooperation with Sudan and more especially (SUTC) Sudanese Unions Chambers Of Commerce. He Quoted that ” It’s our chance and we must gain it “
India is considered the very Strategic Partner to Sudan in terms of many Sectors, including Economy, Trade, Health, Education, and Business, last year alone the Trade Value Of Exchange amounted to 1.3Billion $ Dollars Which makes India the third Trade partner after China and Egypt.

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