Geological Research urges direct studies on white-sand regions

The General Authority for Geological Research, the “technical department of the Ministry of Minerals,” announced its intention to find additional resources for the states by expanding research and exploration in regions not utilizing mineral resources. A geological experts delegation held a meeting with the representative of the governor, the Acting Minister of Finance and Manpower, Fath Al-Rahman Abu Bakr Haroun.
He said that the authority obtains evidence in the state that needs further research and in-depth studies. He pointed to the completion of the geological map in the state and the emergence of some mineralizations. An urgent study on areas where white sands are located, praising the interest of the state government, stressing their endeavour to complete the establishment of the office as soon as possible
On the one hand, the Acting Minister of Finance of the Nile, Mr Fateh Al-Rahman Abu Bakr Haroun, praised the role of the Geological Research Department and its expansion in all states, stressing the state government’s commitment to developing geological research operations and upgrading the mining process in the White Nile with comparative advantages in agriculture, livestock and industry, stressing the state government’s interest in developing geological explorations, especially in the locality of Al-Jabalain, which is promising with abundant mineral wealth, pointing out that the visit of the delegation came to inspect the branch office of the Commission in the state and mining activities.
Meanwhile, the director of the sub-office of the Geological Research Authority in the White Nile state confirmed its full readiness to carry out various field missions to explore more mineral ores in the state, urging the senior manager of the authority to start constructing the headquarters of the new office of the authority.

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