Great Effort to Develop the Animal Wealth sector in Sudan

The Minister of Animal wealth, Hafiz Ibrahim is exerting great efforts in the regional and international conference to find more markets to the exports of Sudanese livestock in order to contribute in increasing the national income and benefiting from the relations with other countries to develop the animal production aiming at achieving the aspired food security.
The participation of the minister in the 3rd Global Conference on Antimicrobial resistance leading a high level delegation comes within the framework of the plan set by the Ministry to develop the animal wealth sector.

Sudan affirmed its commitment and support for the Muscate declaration issued at the conclusion of the works of the 3rd Global Conference on Antimicrobial Resistance in which was attended by more than 30 ministers and representatives of more than 40 countries.
The Minister of Animal resources and Fisheries, Hafez Abdul Nabi asserted the importance of facing the challenges resulting from antimicrobial resistance, affecting humans and animals, adding that Sudan has a national action plan for antimicrobial resistance in cooperation ith the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Scientific Health Organization, which was approved in 2018, while the FAO provided significance support from the Fleming Fund in terms of technical support and training to help veterinary laboratories combat antimicrobial resistance. He called on the stakeholders for more support for the needs of antimicrobial resistance, praising the support of the FAO to Sudan, noting that the next conference will be held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2024.
Meanwhile the Minister met with the Director General of FAO on the sideline of the conference where the two sides discussed the means of support by FAO to Sudan especially in the field of developing the livestock sector.
FAO official expressed his support and cooperation towards the ministry’s plans, while the minister affirmed Sudan’s desire to expand its partnership with the organization by strengthening the areas of programmatic and technical support through FAO’s office in Sudan, stressing the need to move forward with South-South Partnership and Cooperation Project.
The Minister also met with his Omani counterpart where the two sides expressed desire to jointly work in animal wealth and agriculture besides the continuation of Sudanese livestock to Oman and boosting the relations between the two countries in this regard.

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