ITPO Germany enhances Sudanese Agricultural

ITPO Germany enhances Sudanese Agricultural Sector Access to Solar Energy Technology
On the sidelines of the opening session of the forum to enhance the agricultural sector’s access to solar energy products, Mr. Yasser Osman, National Advisor to the Investment Promotion and Technology Transfer Office (ITPO Germany), stressed the importance of considering linking all stakeholders as agricultural associations, solar energy companies, advisory bodies and the financial sector when designing solar energy projects. In this regard, the national advisor stated that ITPO Germany had funded the participation of representatives from all stakeholders in the agricultural sector in Kassala State that include a representative of farmers’ associations, a representative of companies for solar energy production such as drying, cooling and pressing oilseeds, a representative of solar pumps companies, a representative of UNIDO office to participate in the OFF Grid Expo in Augsburg, Germany, during the period from 1-3 December of this year, where they will be briefed on the latest solar energy technologies, in addition to learning about the experiences of joint ownership by producers’ associations, for agricultural equipment Machine Rings, for which the Republic of Germany, and recently implemented successfully in Africa (Senegal).

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