Minawi rules out Leadership of The Country By certain political forces Unilaterally

Governor of Darfur, Minni Arko Minawi, and the head of the Sudan Liberation Army movement, ruled out that certain political forces would lead the country alone.
He described the current situation as requiring a broad consensus to get out of the current political crisis.

Minawi who met at his home on Saturday with officials of his movement and presnted to them a briefing about the current political situation and the complexities of the scene Sudan is currently going through.require dealing with sufficient flexibilty
In his speech, he stressed that the conditions that Sudan is currently going through require wisdom and dealing with sufficient flexibility, and that the cohesion of the Sudanese is important to overcome the differences between the components of the Sudanese people, especially the political organizations.
He added: We must review the current situation to achieve stability and democratic transition.
He outlined that they in the democratic bloc had put forward r three options to resolve divergent positions and differences
Minawi indicated that the political forces that are entrenched around their historical positions and privileges do not have sufficient ability to overcome the differences to enable them to form a consensual government that manages governance during the transitional period except by accepting the other.
He said that they are continuing to call for dialogue as the most realistic practice.

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