Minister of Finance Calls for Reviewing Investment Act

Khartoum – The Finance and Economic Planning Minister, Dr. Jibril Ibrahim, indicated the importance of reviewing all laws and regulations that hinder investment process in the country.

During his address today, to the worship organized at Friendship hall in Khartoum for the amendment of Investment Law, the Minister noted that there are many obstacles appear in the investment law when it has been implemented on ground. .

Dr. Jibril reminded of the importance that investment shoud target local investors and the Sudanese capital, saying that the Sudanese capital is now immigrate to abroad, pointing out that Sudan is at the stage of implementing the food security initiative.

The asserted that the Ministry of Finance focuses in its policies on n capacity building, maternal and child health, in addition to public health, and the prepartion of infrastructure to attract investors.

The Head of the Buisnessmen Union, Saud Al-Birar, said that the opportunity is favoring Sudan after the Ukrainian war to bridge the food gap in the Arab and African worlds, pointing to the importance of the amendments to the draft law to having a strategic dimension, accompanied by amendments on a number of laws, on top of which is the labor law.

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