Mirghani appointed Chairman of the Freedom and Change-Democratic Bloc chairperson, Jibril Ibrahim, deputy chairperson

Mubarak Ardol, the leader of the coalition, said that it was agreed while ago on a temporary structure for the Freedom and Change Alliance – the Democratic Bloc, as follows:
Mr. Jaafar Muhammad Othman Al-Mirghani, Chairman.
Dr. Jibril Ibrahim, deputy chairperson.
Minni Arko Minawi, head of a Political Committee.
Prof. Haider Al Safi, Rapporteur.
As well as a number of spokespersons, including a woman, were appointed, and specialized committees were formed to address the current political situation pending an agreement on a permanent structure.

This political bloc is made up of a number of alliances: the Freedom and Change-National Accord, Democratic Unionist Party- Origin, the Freedom and Change-National Forces, other civil organizations and the Central Council.

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