President Tatar: “The necessary response will be given”


TRNC President Ersin Tatar condemned strongly to the burning of the TRNC flags in the demonstrations held in South Cyprus. 
“We saw once again that the hostility of the TRNC, Turkey, and Turkish people reached its peak during the demonstrations held in South Cyprus on the 39th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”, the president said. 
Tatar also said “Greek Cypriot youths marched and protested the 39th Anniversary of the Establishment of TRNC with the encouragement of the Greek Cypriot Administration and the Greek Cypriot Education Ministry. They chanted ‘We will return to Girne’, ‘Güzelyurt, and Maraş are ours’, ‘Cyprus is Greek’ and they burned our flag.” President Tatar added that the main responsible are the Greek Cypriot Administration and the Greek Cypriot Orthodox Church, which have indoctrinated the Greek Cypriot youth with hostility to Turkish Cypriots.
Saying “Our flag and TRNC are our sanctuaries”, the President stressed that the necessary response will be given to those who encroach upon them.  

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