Ready to irrigate 1 million acres during the Winter agricultural season : Minister

Daw Al-Beit Abdel-Rahman Mansour, the acting Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources, announced the ministry’s readiness to irrigate one million acres during the winter season for the agricultural season 22-2023, stressing that the amount of water supply is available in adequate quantities to ensure the winter farming season is a success.

The minister, during his field visit today to the Gezira project accompanied by irrigation operation managers; mechanics, electricity and a number of experts, confirmed that the levels of irrigation in the various canals in the east and west of the Managil are sufficient to secure the winter season. calling on agricultural departments to determine the areas for cultivation this season.

He stressed the importance of stability and success of the season, calling on farmers and agricultural departments to work to stop disrupting irrigation organizations in the projects, especially Gezira and Al-Manaqil projects

For his part, the Director General of Irrigation Operations, Eng. Khalaf, confirmed the season will not face water shortages as there is sufficient water supply this season and that engineers are working to make the season a success.

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