Foreign Affairs Minister Demands International Community Support to Sudan to Face Transition Challenges

Khartoum – The Acting Foreign Minister, Ambassador Ali Al-Sadiq called for activating the principle of joint responsibility of the international community and supporting Sudan to face the challenges of transition.

During his participation in the meetings of Effective Development Cooperation, in Geneva, 12-14 of current December, Ambassador Ali Al-Sadiq made a statement before the meeting, he stressed in the statement the importance of promoting dialogue in countries of fragility, conflicts and transition, to enrich the discussion on the challenges ahead and how to face them.

He stressed that the meeting is taking place at a time of increasing challenges in countries of fragility, conflicts and transition, due to the repercussions and effects of climate change, or due to regional and international conflicts and crises that exacerbated the food and energy crisis.

The Acting Foreign Minister pointed out that Sudan is not an exception from the group of developing and least developed countries that its efforts falter to achieve the goals of the 2030 development plan, and before that the sustainable development agenda, due to weak development support.

He added that the common denominator in all peace agreements reached in most African countries, including Sudan, that it comes with axes or protocols that deal with issues of power sharing, wealth, security arrangements, displaced persons and refugees, transitional justice, recovery and reconstruction, ownership of land and resources, accountability, compensation, reparations and reconciliations, indicating , with consideration to all these axes the developmental support for the countries of fragility and transition is a key factor to ensure the implementation of peace agreements and achieve stability, stressing that the principle of shared responsibility of the international community must be activated through multilateral action to face these challenges.

Foreign Minister Al- Sadiq, pointed out to the framework agreement signed in the 5 th of current December between the components of the glorious December revolution, under the auspices of the tripartite mechanism that includes the United Nations, the African Union, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) and international and regional partners, ofwhich the Sudan looks forward to reaching the formation of a civilian government that will assume responsibility for managing the transitional period leading to free and transparent elections through which the people choose their representatives and then complete the goals of their glorious revolution.

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