MoU between AcoGaps Signs an and NCCW

Khartoum – The African Center for Governance, Peace and transition (AcoGaps) and the National Council for Child Welfare (NCCW) have agreed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to communicate with the official institution, civil society organizations, and private sector aiming at supporting the children related programmes.
For his part the Secretary-General of the NCCW, Dr. Abdul Gadir Abdallah Abu has valued high the AcoGaps programmes in boosting social peace, irregular migration, and human trafficking, describing those programmes as distinguished.
The NCCW Secretary-General stressed, during his visit to AcoGaps office today, the importance of producing the programmes and projects which help in availing the stable and secured conditions to pave the way for proper growth and creativity towards bright and promising future.
Meanwhile, the Director General of AcoGaps , Dr. Mahmoud Zain Al-Abdeen affirmed that the Centre will give top priority in supporting childhood issues, especially child protection in conflict areas, besides providing qualitative education and psychological support.
He appreciated the visit of the NCCW Secretary-General for his visit to the Center where he was briefed on the activities and plans of the Center in protecting the children and preventing exploiting them in drugs, irregular migration and human trafficking.

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