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By : Mohamad Saad
An entire generation in the Arab world grew up on what was dictated by the Space Toon channel, and fortunately, this channel broadcasts virtuous values and good morals in the minds of children…
In Al-Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, a band started… It is a band of young people who loved the Space Tone channel and are now singing the old Space Tone songs and presenting them to the youth. I think this band should be encouraged…

The coincidence made me meet the band in Angham coffee coffee shop, which is a beautiful houseboat overlooking the Nile River.
Madhu, who is a founding member of the band, says (Since we are the generation established by the Spacetoon channel, we were very fond of this channel… One day there was a small Spacetoon event with a group called (We Are Artist). We used to know each other… This spacetoony event brought us together with love, so the idea came to create a small group like this, where we can sing and let out all our negative energies and recall our memories, hoping that it will give us a breather.
I noticed that at the concert I attended, the audience ranged in age from twenty to forty, and all of them were overwhelmed with great enthusiasm and interaction with the band. Mamado says that
The target audience is all the generation raised on the Spacetoon channel, the generation of the 90s, and even the generation of the 2000s, hoping to keep the spirit of Spacetoon in the same spirit as the previous and future generations and to maintain the same approach.

I asked Mamado about the copyrights of Spacetoon songs, and he said that the original Spacetoon channel has always supported them through private communication and social media communication and that they are allowed to perform Spacetoon songs.

*Do you have a Special songs ?
Yes, we have a huge special work, and it is the first music video for the group, which is a song that talks about the concept of peace in all its aspects.
*How do you see audience interaction with you?*
The audience’s interaction with us is the biggest motivation for us in all our rides. We and our fans have become one family.

  • This generation needs more awareness of the dangers surrounding it. What is your role?*
    Any of Spacetoon’s songs is a message… There is nothing wrong with having fun, and there is nothing wrong with bringing back memories, holding on to them, and showing them in public without shame. Direct singing and direct communication convey speech more eloquently and strengthen the sense of meaning.
  • The spread of drugs and youth problems in general… What did you do!?*
    Community issues are one of the most important points that we seek to talk about in a lyrical style, following the approach of Spacetoon songs. Shortly, we will produce these songs, God willing.
    Spacetoodan seeks and tries to spread awareness and happiness.
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