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Text of the speech of the Vice President of the Sovereignty Council, Commander of the Rapid Support Forces, Lieutenant General Mohamed Hamdan Daglo

In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful

Our honorable people…

Peace, mercy, and blessings of God Almighty…

Allow me to address you today while our country is going through a delicate stage that its history has not witnessed before… This a stage that requires all of us to be impartial and honest with ourselves and with our people who have been patient a lot and endured above all possibilities. I am addressing you today as we shoulder a heavy responsibility and the trust of this country is on our shoulders.

Allow me, before stating my position on the developments of the current political situation, to present my speech with a very brief background, which I think is necessary for this context. I am a simple son of a desert, I grew up in the far corners of the margins of Sudan, and I received nothing from the state except its violence towards our societies, and its disregard for their basic rights, and I learned many lessons in the School of Life, the most important of which is that the old path of Sudan is unfair and unfair, so when I saw the men and women of the glorious December revolution I did not hesitate to stand with them against the injustice, tyranny, and corruption of the defunct regime. I saw that I shared their desire to change for the better and build Sudan. I tried as much as I could, so I was right at the time and sometimes made mistakes, the last of which was the mistake of the October 25 coup, which became clear to me from its first day that it would not lead to what we wanted. First, to be a way out of the political tension, to become, unfortunately, a gateway to the return of the defunct regime, which prompted me not to hesitate to go back to the right path and to sincerely desire to get out of the political power and hand it over to a transitional civil authority, and this is something I committed to with the President, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan and the leadership of the Sudanese Armed Forces. I will never go back to it.

After this brief introduction, let me say a few points of view on the most important current political issues.

First: the current political process
I have repeatedly emphasized that the framework political agreement is our country’s way out of the current crisis and that it is the only basis for a fair and just political solution, and I have contributed, along with the rest of the signatories, in pushing it forward, in the discussions of the three issues, the latest of which is the Eastern Sudan workshop organized by the tripartite mechanism and succeeded greatly in Laying the foundation for properly addressing the crisis in eastern Sudan. It also contributed to attempts to persuade the non-signatory forces to join the framework agreement to join the political process, the latest of which was the political declaration that the signatories discussed with some non-signatory movements and parties. I still hope that these efforts will be crowned with success.
I believe that this political process has prolonged its time and that the time has come to end it and reach a final political solution urgently, based on which a transitional civil authority will be formed to lead the country, and we in the military establishment will return to our barracks to devote ourselves to performing the tasks of protecting the country’s borders, security and sovereignty, and these are important tasks that we hope will We succeed in performing it.

Second: The relationship between the Sudanese Armed Forces and Rapid Support:
The Rapid Support Forces arose as a supporter and assistant to the armed forces, and its law stipulates that it is part of it. The trenches of fighting brought us together with the armed forces to protect the homeland and its security, and we have promises with them that we will never betray.
We will not allow the elements of the defunct regime to drive a wedge between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces, and I tell them that they will never be able to achieve that. We in the Rapid Support Forces are committed to what was stated in the framework agreement regarding the principle of a single army according to agreed timetables, and we are also sincerely committed to engaging in security and military reform processes, in a manner that develops and modernizes the military institution, increases its efficiency, removes it from politics and the economy completely, and enables it to respond effectively. Anything that threatens the security and peace of the country.
The Sudanese Armed Forces is an institution with a long history, and it will not be a ride for a party or a party, but rather it was and will remain the property of this person of all sects, and a source of pride and respect, and we are one of them and we will spare no effort to defend them against anyone who abuses or belittles them, and the agreement was drawn up The framework is a solid basis for the main principles that restore to the military what it lost due to the policies of the defunct regime, so we will proceed with it honestly and seriously until its goals are fully and undiminished. This agreement is one package that must be implemented without division.

Third: Comprehensive and Just Peace:
I am a man who grew up during wars… I knew and experienced them, so I know the meaning and importance of peace. Since the first days of the transitional government, I have chosen in the Sovereignty Council to take over the peace file, in coordination with the government of former Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok. For I am convinced that there is no future for this country without silencing all the voices of guns and managing our differences with wisdom and good preaching. Wars broke out due to historical grievances on the margins of Sudan, and the December revolution provided an opportunity to address these grievances without wars. Therefore, we signed the Juba Peace Agreement for Sudan, which was not implemented for many reasons. Therefore, we renewed our determination that the final political agreement is an entry point to reviving and completing the implementation of the peace agreement with the signatory movements, and implementing all its provisions, especially those related to the return of the displaced and refugees to their homes, and providing them with the necessary protection.
I would like to express my deep appreciation to the movements that have chosen to be part of the ongoing political process, as they have chosen to put the interests of the country above all small issues, and I renew my call to the signatory movements of the Juba Agreement that have not yet joined the political process to be part of it, as the future of peace implementation is linked The country’s political stability, which will only be achieved with a final political agreement that establishes a civil government that reflects the people’s hopes and aspirations.

Fourth: the economic crisis:
I feel deep pain whenever I see manifestations of poverty, economic hardship, and deterioration of services in our country. Sudan is a country rich in people and resources, which has been impoverished by the policies of successive regimes and narrow-minded power struggles.
The solution to the current economic crisis is linked to political stability and the establishment of a civil government. Hence, I appeal to the international and regional community to be ready to provide the necessary support to the next government. Our people expect a lot from it, and it will face a difficult task unless it finds quick and effective cooperation to face economic challenges.
I also call on the next government to take care of the productive sectors, invest in the country’s agricultural, animal, and natural resources and direct them towards the citizen in all parts of Sudan with fairness and equity and pay attention to education and health as the most important factors for the comprehensive renaissance that we hope to see a reality achieved in this good land, and for our part, we will stand with our people in the economic hardship and We will give our support to ease the burden of living.

Fifth: International and regional relations
I extend my deep thanks and appreciation to the tripartite mechanism consisting of the African Union, IGAD, and the United Nations, and the Quartet mechanism and Troika represented by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United States of America, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and Norway, the European Union and its member states, and the African and Arab neighboring countries that supported the Sudanese people and supported their choices.
I assure all of them of our commitment to the military institution to our pledges to get out of political power and to make the ongoing political process a success. I also affirm our sincere and serious desire for constructive relations with the international and regional community and our complete distancing from all forms of foreign relations that harm international peace and security.
Sudan is a country with a long history of peace with its neighbors. It did not become a source of threat to the region and the international community except during the years of the rule of the defunct regime, which spoiled our relations with our brothers and neighbors, which will never happen again in this country.

Sixth: A special message to the elements of the defunct regime:
You ruled this country unjustly for thirty years, during which you divided Sudan into two countries, spread corruption and tyranny in it, and stirred up tribal and social strife until the people revolted against you and brought you down.
I say to you, remove your hands from sedition in the military establishment and among Sudanese society, and let this person enjoy a period of stable political transition, at the end of which they choose who will rule them without forgery and falsification.

In conclusion, I reassure the good people of Sudan in all their hopes that we are moving forward on the path of the political solution that we started in the framework agreement, and we will proceed with it until the end of the road steadfastly until stability returns to this country, and evils and strife are avoided. This is a covenant we made, and this is a word we say to God, history, and the country, and we will never back down from it.

Peace be upon you and the mercy of God be upon you

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