Daglo: Our disagreement is with the “climbers” in power, not with the army

Omdurman 3-7-2023

The Vice President of the Sovereignty Council, Commander of the Rapid Support Forces, Lieutenant General #Mohamed_Hamdan_Daqlo, confirmed that there is no disagreement between the army and the Rapid Support Forces, indicating that the talk in this regard in the media is just rumors.

The deputy head of the Sovereignty Council, the commander of the Rapid Support Forces, when addressing the Rapid Support Forces, at the Karari base in Omdurman today, said that there is a disagreement, but it is between those who want to hand over power to civilians, and those who insist on not leaving power. He added, “We cannot disagree with the army. We disagree with the people who are in power.”

He recommended to the forces, the need to respect the regular forces, as they are one force, and they must strengthen each other, and he added, “The armed forces are above our head, and there is no problem between them and the Rapid Support Forces, and the army has no problem with it, and the army has become a supporter, demanding that it not respond to attempts to drive a wedge between the two parties.” Through some provocations, he added (you do not hear this talk in the media, we do not have any disagreement with the army, the people of the army are our brothers, we fought with each other and we share with them the nabqa) Turn him on your second cheek.)

He stressed that the army and the rapid support support each other, indicating that the rapid support was established by a parliament, and has a law, and that he and the army are working and fighting with each other, in order to move forward in Sudan towards progress, prosperity and development.

He said we want to lead Sudan to a democratic transition, and that democracy is Shura, justice and equality, and we must make all Sudanese equal, and this is an irreversible line, a civil one, and it is an agreement and a covenant between the military component and the civilian component, and that the covenant was responsible.

Daglo said that the whole world, especially the Gulf countries and the European Union, supports the civil democratic transition in Sudan, indicating that Sudan’s openness towards the world and its development, with the development of its foreign relations, is civil rule and not dictatorial rule, and he continued by saying, with our willingness and will, we said that the government should be full-fledged civil.

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