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General Command of the Sudanese Army Daily Brief – Tuesday 18th April 2023

The situation in general is stable except some clashes near the Army’s H.Q.
The start of the second stage as of the dawn of today to secure the areas around the Army’s H.Q. towards Khartoum downtown in coincidence with the rest of the areas gradually.
According to the accurate information local and regional parties are involved in the rebellion and we will reveal the facts in the appropriate time.
The rebels fled from meroe airport and are now looting the markets in the city a matter that forced the army to deal with them decisively.
The rebels are continuing their violence through burning Khartoum North central market and other areas along with their attempts to attack the army’s H.Q. and the airport.
The truce proposal was accepted by the army but the rebels did not commit to it.
Our forces in division 5 managed to repulse a failed attempt west of El-Obied city.
The army is working out a plan to control the situation and direct the troops to the needed areas.

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