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General Command of the Armed Forces Monday, 22nd May, 2023

To the young women and men of our country in the resistance committees around Sudan

Your armed forces appreciate your pioneering role in directing your teams to give a helping hand by proving essential services to those in need during these times that our patient people are living through.

We call on you to continue playing this role in fully coordination with your armed forces in different parts of the capital and other states. This is to block the opportunity for the enemies of our people and country, the militia and the rebels that are spreading chaos and systematic destruction, and to avoid the mistrust that drives a wedge between the army of the nation and our country men and women in the honorable resistance committees in the capital and other states.

Your armed forces will work to develop effective mechanisms for this coordination for our country to pass soon through this crisis peacefully with Allah’s will to reach a permanent civilian democratic government, the goal of your glorious revolution.

May Allah preserve our country and it’s great people and God is the conciliator and the helper.

Office of the spokesperson of the armed forces

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