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The masses: Abbas Mohamed Ibrahim

The agenda presented by the delegation of the Rapid Support Forces in the Jeddah negotiations to stop the war in Sudan includes the following:

1- Restructuring and reforming the military and security sector, keeping the army away from politics, dismantling the elements of the previous regime, and all forms of partisan political presence, and building a professional national army.
2- Signing a permanent ceasefire that can be extended until the comprehensive political agreement is completed.
3- Not using state institutions and resources in political and military conflict, and reaching a comprehensive agreement that ends the roots of the crisis and provides sustainable solutions to the Sudanese problem.
4- Banning the use of military aircraft and drones in Sudanese airspace with international monitoring.
5- Arresting those responsible for igniting the war from the elements of the previous regime and returning criminals to prisons.
6- Involving Sudanese civilians to ensure a democratic transition in accordance with the goals of the glorious December revolution

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