“We are the ones who write history…

Om Waďah

The stance and decision taken by the Sudanese government towards IGAD is a position that has restored Sudanese sovereignty, its dignity, and marks a new beginning in shaping the foreign policy path. It should be built on Sudan’s interests first, last, and always. This courageous stance is not just a passing position or a wandering step; it is a new chapter written by the Sudanese leadership in the history of this great people, who are the real guarantee for the leadership and its backbone.

This war imposed upon us should teach us that focusing on internal affairs and strengthening the bones of popular resistance is what will give us value and esteem among nations.

This war should teach us that the intimidation of international organizations is nothing but intimidation that scares the cowardly. The past months have confirmed that they are lying and deceptive organizations. Their shameful stance towards the Sudanese people needs no explanation or evidence. Tell me, what have these organizations offered to our people? They cowered from providing a bag of wheat flour or a carton of milk for our children.

Our people are the ones who pay the bill, displaced within the states and seeking refuge in other countries.

Our people are the ones who decide their destiny and choose their leaders, not the forty fools who speak in our name and steal our language.

Bravo to the Sudanese leadership for choosing the path of dignity and sovereignty. We are writing a new history.”

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